The Club’s Bennett Lounge & Arena can be rented for functions such as: banquets, weddings, anniversaries, dances, meetings, etc. The Bennett Lounge can host approximately 100 people and the arena can host up to 350.

We also rent our dishware for you to pick-up and take to your event. Different sizes, and styles are available, please call or e-mail for more information

Facility Rental Costs:

Kitchen Only: $100/day

Bennett Lounge: $30/hour, max. 3 hours, or $150/day

Bennett Lounge & Bar: $40/hour, max. 3 hours, $200/day

Bennett Lounge & Kitchen: $50/hour, max 3. hours, or $250.00/day

Bennett Lounge, Bar & Kitchen: $60/hour, max. 3 hours, or $300/day

Winter Ice Surface, Bennett Lounge, Bar, & Kitchen: $450/day

Summer Ice Area, Bennett Lounge, Bar & Kitchen: $650/day

NOTE :    All prices plus HST

Equipment Rental Costs:

Cutlery: $3.00/dozen

Wine Glasses: $4.00/dozen

Water Glasses: $3.50/dozen

Champagne Glasses:$3.75/dozen

Shot Glasses: $3.00/dozen

Mugs: $3.00/dozen

Plates/Bowls: $3.50/dozen

Serving Dishware: $0.80/piece

For Facility Rentals, check out our Rental Information Guide and Rental Contract

For Equipment Rentals, check out our Equipment Agreement

For more information please feel free to contact Rachel Whitton at 705 653 4433 or by email at