Our club is operated by two different volunteer Board of Directors:

The Meyers Sports Board is responsible for collecting membership fees, and scheduling sports activities and special events to encourage participation in curling, racquet sports, and physical fitness activities in the community.

The CDCRC Board is responsible for the rental of the building to both the Meyers Sports Club and all other renters, bar function and fundraising activities, bank loans, maintenance of building and ice making, and facility management.

Board Members terms are 2 years in length with a maximum of 3 terms. Elections are made each year at the Annual General Meeting which takes place in August. If you are interested in serving on a board or have questions about the boards, please contact us for more information.



Meyers Sport Board


  Gord Reid

  Nan MacDougall

  Vice President:

  Ben McKeown

  Jackie Igleheart


  John Knox

  Kathy Chamberlain


  Carol Currelly-Burnham

  Pam Vandesteeg


  Sandy Chapman

  Jim Kelleher

  Valerie Przybilla

   Ron Watson

  Nancy West

  Ken Alton

  Lin Brooke

  Paul Dryburgh

  Rachel Whitton

  Fred Veldhuyzen