Campbellford and District Curling and Racquet Club was incorporated in 1979 when the present Club amalgamated with the Campbellford Curling Club (which originated in 1886).

Built in 1980, it was funded by 50% Wintario, 25% donations/fundraising and a 25% Bank Loan. It originally consisted of four sheets of curling ice, a squash court and a racquetball court.

Volunteers were instrumental in the building of the facility; donating time, materials and money, they helped this dream come to pass. A large plaque at the front entrance of the building acknowledges the contributions by so many community members at the time of construction.

Parts of the club are named after local business families whom had made a large contribution at the time of construction. The building is called the Meyers Sports Complex for Don Meyers and his family of Meyers transport. The Curling warm room is called the Bennett Lounge for Don Bennett and his family of Bennett's Furniture. The Racquet lounge is named for Bruce Sharpe and his family of Sharpe's Food Market.

The building was enlarged in 1986 to add another squash court, a fitness room and a curling locker room. As the interest in racquetball diminished, the racquetball court was turned into another fitness area, creating a cardio room and a weight room. This expansion was funded completely by the club.

The CDCRC is a charitable organization and as such, has been able to receive grants over the years for smaller improvements, notably from the Campbellford/Seymour Community Foundation.

In 2011 the mortgage was finally paid off and the Club celebrated with a mortgage burning party. Fundraising and volunteer work continue to provide the extra funds that are needed to upgrade the facility and to keep the equipment in good condition.