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Welcome to the Campbellford & District Curling & Racquet Club

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The MacDougall $20.00 CDCRC Challenge

It all started when Nan was vacuuming in the living room.  She ran outside where I was relaxing in the shade.  “The Curling and Racquet Club is hurting for money because of COVID-19.  I have an idea for a fundraiser!”.  I bought in right away.

We are going to donate $20.00 to the Campbellford and District Curling and Racquet Club for each year we have been a member.  We believe the Club membership has been a real bargain over the years and here is a way we can invest in its future during these very challenging COVID-19 times.

Why is the Club important to us? 

It has been part of our family life since 1982 when we moved to Campbellford.  On our house hunting trip, we explored the Club with our real estate agent before we even visited a house.

We have made many friends through our activities at the Club.

Our kids grew up spending many hours at the Club.  Our friends became their friends as they learned to interact with adults at a young age.

Our family has kept fit and healthy, both physically and socially, through our membership.

We really enjoy our volunteer time teaching school kids to curl, organizing and participating in bonspiels and supporting fund-raising events.

I have done morning fitness sessions for many years but sometimes they get a bit derailed when we try to solve the problems of the world.

You can even see Nan on an elliptical machine warming up prior to a curling game.

The Campbellford and District Curling and Racquet Club has been part of the fabric of our family in Campbellford for 38 years.  We want it to continue to do so into the future, thus our challenge:

If you love this club like we do, please join us and donate $20.00 for every year you (and your partner) have been members. Tax Receipts will be issued.


Nan and Dave MacDougall